Monday, October 18, 2010

sea trout schedule for joe this season

Available now in Buitreras
5-12 march - 5 rods
26 march - 2 april - 6 rods
2-9 april - 8 rods

The Rio Gallegos River

is nearly 300kms in length and has its origin in the Southern Andes with two pristine and very beautiful streams, the Penitente and the Ruebens. Winding its way through the wild Patagonian landscape.It emerges into the surprisingly mountainous area that encompasses the unique Las Buitreras beats, some 40kms from the river mouth. The flood plain that lies between these outcrops teems with birdlife, alongside large numbers of rheas, silver foxes, horses, hares, flamingos and guanacos.

A trip to Rio Gallegos River offers the adventorous angler the opportunity to pit his skills against the explosive searunningtrouts of Patagonia.
These fish can reach sizes of 25lbs and over and will reward the angler with arm wrenching takes and blistering runs, interspersed with regular acrobatic displays.
Loop Las Buitreras lodge is home to the most prolific beats on the Rio Gallegos, consisting of over 40kms of both sides private water comprising over 50 named pools.


The fishing is exciting and varied with pools ranging from deep stony runs to cut banks and streamy shingle flats. Relatively shallow, the river makes for easy wading, obviating the need for fast sinking lines and creating an exciting and challenging fishing environment.
It is this variety, in combination with the visually inspiring mountainous outcrops, that makes this part of the Rio Gallegos quite simply one of the most spectacular stretches of fly fishing water in Patagonia. Sometimes explosive, always challenging, fishing for sea trout requires a level of skill, watercraft and understanding that can frustrate the average salmon angler.However, armed with the correct knowledge to unlock these secrets, the fishing on the Rio Gallegos can be immensely rewarding.


To help you we pride ourselves on having who we consider to be some of the best guides available, now with 4 seasons experience of the beats. Very knowledgeable and talented fishermen, that today also belongs to some of the best casters and instructors we have seen, they are the epotime of what guided fishing is all about. Friendly, able to speak good English and usually with a secret flybox tucked away with unsightly but deadly creations they will ensure that you get the very most out of your trip.

As with 2007, the season 2008 saw an increase in average weight and we could also see more fish in the river, although not always easy to catch. Our work in the estuary is clearly paying off and we look very optimistic at the future in Rio Gallegos.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Sounds Of Fall Include The Songs Of Your Fly Reel

With the colors of autumn in full view, fly fishers have one thing in mind, Steelhead. Check out the Loop Autumn Specials available on Sale Now!
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