Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Scanout Magazine - Steelhead Paradise, BC - Issue #3.09

We are very excited to announce that Scanout will be producing our own electronic magazine. It will be a very personal magazine, as it is going to reflect our own interests and style. We are looking forward to sharing it with others and we hope that all of you enjoy our life’s passion. This project is driven directly from our passion to display a truly “Different View” to what would otherwise be the same old subjects. Since getting together severalyears ago we have shared a common vision and we are proud to be releasing Scanout Magazine. We are taking a rather unique approach and will be releasing new issues whenever we return from a trip. Our intent is to provide quality work when its ready, verses trying to meet a deadline. Our hope is that people enjoy our approach and we look forward to releasing several issues annually. We also hope to gather the “Best of the Best” and release hardcover books in the future. And please subscribe so we can keep you easily up to date. It’s FREE!

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