Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vive Los Lahontans!!

It's that magical time of year when these monster Cutthroat begin to cruise the edges of the lakes in search of prey! Bottom line, Lahontan Cutthroat kick ass!!!
One of the larger fish taken on a recent outing.
The AEG 696/Evotec G3 6/8 combo showing this guy who's in charge!
And then there's this guy. We found him rolling in the waves along the shorline, half dead from gorging himself!! We were able to pull what was left of this Northern Pike Minnow out of his throat and with a little bit of reviving he swam away. Unless he rapidly changed his eating habits my guess is he probably isn't going to make it. Gluttony's a mother!!


  1. Cool pics.. That last one is amazing... Hope he made it, but I am not betting on it.. Crazy what predator fish will eat given the chance.

  2. Great pictures ... what type and size of fly was used? ... thanks


  3. Hey Alex - Black has certainly been the color of choice. We generally fished a standard black conehead bugger or black bunny leach with a little bit of pearl flash in the tail. Sizes, usually between 6 and 10. If you get a chance to fish these bad boys don't pass it up!!

  4. you could fold that fish in half. those are awesome fish.