Friday, May 29, 2009

Loop Opti Reels: Dominant in the Salt!!!

Dear Tomas (Loop reel designer),

Needless to say the fishing in Australia was fantastic.....and the new Loop reels, well......

New Opti Speedrunner - First cast success with this new reel at Hervey Bay
Australia on a golden trevally estimated at 10kg plus. The goldie was
swimming with two large shovel nosed rays on the beach. It monstered a white
clouser and then took 20 minutes to land on a #10wt outfit with 9kg tippet.
The new black Speedrunner performed flawlessly.

Megaloop - This longtail tuna was estimated at 28kg and is one of the
largest taken on fly (if not the largest). It was sightcast on the beach at
Hervey Bay Australia with a 4/0 clouser on a #12 wt outfit with 9kg tippet.
It headed for deep water at warp speed with an initial run about 200 metres.
It took 25 minutes to land. The drag on the Megaloop performed flawlessly
and the large arbor made short work of retrieving line. The same outfit
dealt with 9 more sight-cast longtail tuna that morning ranging from

The Speedrunner and the Megaloop are the perfect reels for big fast fish on
the flats - light, super-large arbor, good line capacity and excellent
drags. What more could you want?

Dr Neil Shepherd

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