Thursday, May 7, 2009

Loop Photo Contest

The photo competition for fly fishers.
Compete with your fly fishing photos. Register, log in, upload the photo, tell the story behind the picture and win.
We will select a winner every month and at the end of the competition period we will select Photo of the Year.
Upload and compete
The pictures must be in jpeg format and max 3 MB in size per picture. Also bear in mind that you must be over 18 or have parents approval and have the copyright to the pictures you compete with.
NB: It can take a few hours for the pictures to be published in the gallery as all pictures must first be approved for publishing by us.
Do you want payment for your picture?
We at Loop might want to use your pictures in various media. When you upload a picture you give us the right to use it in any circumstances related to the contest. Sometimes though we would like to use your picture in other circumstances and if that is the case we will pay you SEK 300 per picture or give you a ift voucher on the amount.
Tick the box, when uploading the picture, if you are interested in us getting the rights to use your picture.

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