Friday, November 20, 2009

from russia with love

In 1990 Loop Tackle were among the first pioneers into Russia’s hidden and long forgotten treasures. The exploration of the southern White Sea coast was undertaken and Russian helicopters were invaluable in exploring countless rivers.
In 1993 we had found what we considered the best of the best and built lodges on Kharlovka, Litza and Rynda amongst others. For years Loop offered what many consider the world’s best Atlantic Salmon and Wild Brown Trout Programs. As many know doing business in Russia can be risky, so Loop sold these programs to Peter Power to focus their adventure travel business in Argentina’s Patagonia.

Last season Peter kindly invited me to be his guest to evaluate his salmon and trout fishery now collectively known as the Atlantic Salmon Reserve. It turned out to be an extraordinary revelation. On arrival I was struck by the results of a 10 year multimillion dollar infrastructure investment where everything is constructed to the highest standards with guests housed in modern Swedish type cabins all with their own bathrooms. Of course the same goes for the recreational and dining facilities with high standards of food and service.

Peter demonstrates his dedication by living in one of his tundra dachas for five months a year exercising a tight discipline with his famous attention to detail over what he calls “my Russian family” so that everything works like clockwork in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Amazingly this extends over 800,000 hectares of tundra through the numerous camp sites for the Wild Brown Trout program so that helicopters are always on time and the tundra is maintained in pristine condition. The Russian only employment policy combined with intensive training has resulted in what may be the best team loyal English speaking guides I have ever encountered.

Peter will be remembered for raising the standards of camp life on the Kola but his passion to salmon and trout conservation will be his legacy. This is expressed in a self imposed “Mandate” which is well worth reading on the ASR website under: For eight years he has funded the ASR Protection Program which consists of up to 16 police officers and “runners”, many of them armed, who patrol by air, sea and land. His objective has been to quite literally eliminate poaching over the entire water basin and he has largely succeeded. The results for salmon stocks are astounding. The average number of juvenile salmon in the ASR Rivers has risen from a range of 15 to 25 fish/100 square meters to 100 plus/100 square meters since the program began. Read the report on last season for the fishing results:

The Wild Brown Trout program has been cleverly integrated into this process and may have benefited even more than the Salmon Programs because the process starts in the upper reaches in March & April and does not finish until October when the ice freezes over. Peter is most generous in his praise of the pioneering work undertaken by Loop and readily admits to the inspiration and advice we gave him. Contrary to past expectations the trophy trout fishermen have been reporting ever increasing catch results over the last few years and the rules for conservation are stricter then ever. See:

Finally you should know Peter has come up with new programs to slash prices by up to 40% through a reduced helicopter program.
See: so there is now wide availability.

Loop Tackle has no hesitation in recommending you visit the ASR for MSW Atlantic Salmon and Russian Trophy Trout fishing at its best. Peter’s work in this area is remarkable - A text book example of ECO tourism at its best!
He has fulfilled even more than my wildest dreams for a great fishery in the Kola – a travel in time – a pristine environment.

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