Friday, November 13, 2009

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November 9, 2009


To be honest I’m not total sure how I have gotten here. It’s not that I don’t remember the trip, but it’s more the route to this specific place that seems a bit foggy these days. If you run in to me along the way, you’d probably thank the fish gods you weren’t trying to pack all this crap around the planet.
For as long as I can remember I’ve been a hunting and fishing junky. I was the kid in the costume jewelry department of Kmart, sorting through strands of fake pearls, looking for that perfect sized bead for my nightcrawler harnesses. Little pink florescent paint, a silver spinner, 3 snelled hooks and presto-bango the worlds greatest walleye lure appeared. Plus I could usually talk my Grandmother in to buying me a brick of 500 Federal .22 shells for $6.95. Nothing was safe!

These days I am torn between being a hardcore fly fisherman and a adventure photo journalist. So what it usually comes down to is a ton of extra shit that I end up trying to pack around the planet. Trust me when I tell you that I am not complaining, but I still wonder how I ended up here, sitting at my desk, which is covered in 5 colors of marabou, 2 external hard drives, 4 bobbin threaders, 3 Lexar high speed card readers, 10,000 packs of krystal flash, an underwater housing, one slightly used jungle cock saddle, and my trusty MacBook Pro. But this is my world these days and I absolutely, undeniably, positively love the chaos. -Tim Pask
“The Adventure Continues”

Tim is currently in British Columbia swinging flies for steelhead, chasing the light, tying flies, photographing his wife Sonya’s enormous fish, collaborating virtually on a book project with a friend, exploring new water, trying to sell a few covers, slowing my casting stroke down so that his bamboo spey rod delivers, editing images for the worlds most patient client and writing this short bio, before hooking up his boat up and hitting the river. Perhaps it’s “The Chaos that Continues!”
You can sort of keep track of Tim and his partners at or send him an email

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  1. big fan of Tim's photo here!
    not only he capture the very moment and spirits of the fishing. But also the photos are from his original ideas...keep them coming! Great work!