Sunday, March 1, 2009

Argentina King Salmon!!!! Loop Army Recon Team

Lugar-X- Part 1

As a joined forces operation between Loop Army-Argentina and Scandinavia, I was appointed, “Director of special operations” Scandinavia, to investigate a river only a few have heard of and fewer had fished....

The special unit was out together in the deepest of secrecy, and left Rio Gallegos by dusk.We had to meet our local “scouts” and leave our car further west. Uniforms packed away, but “armory” was difficult to hide. Car left by dawn in the harbor where, a fast-going local transport-unit awaited us, to take us the last bit of the way.

All who'd done military training, knows that you must be prepared for everything when your on a “recon -mission” so we had brought everything from lighter single handed rods to the “heavier artillery” 13' 10-11 weights and lines between intermediate to Deep-Divers. Evo-techs and Classic reels added some extra backing, just in case.....

Of flies we knew nothing but tied up some “El Choique Loco's” (Choique is local for Rhea) but also brought some stealhead flies we've used in Rio Santa Cruz. So we felt good and was ready to explore!

No roads led to our destination, and our transport was made difficult trying to find our way through dangerous passages amongst drifting icebergs, even underneath glaciers where chunks of ice, kept falling off. At our final destination, and according to a true “recon-mission”, we were landed directly on to the beach, the boat pushing straight up on the sand.....

Loop Army “recon-lieutenant” Pollo and Chief of Operations, Gabriel and myself were ready to go fishing unexplored water, but first we needed a game-plan, made by our local “scouts”. Feeling comfortable back in the “uniform” and “weapons” loaded and ready, we took off in local motorized troop-transport vehicles.

Only one road leading up the river we were dropped of on strategic spots, where our scouts, by experience, knew of good holding pools, for the long wanted Chinook.

Armed to the teeth with gear, we unloaded the truck, and made it for the river. Carrying everything with us, where ever we went, leaving no trace of our appearance at the river bank.

“To be continued”

This report was sent to us by Klaus Frimor, Director of Special Operations, Loop Amy Special Forces, Scandinavia.

Part 2 coming tomorrow. You don’t want to miss it!!!!!!!


  1. Is this in Argentina or Chile? I've heard about the Kings on the Chile side, but didn't know anybody was successfully catching them on a fly.

  2. Yes we've caught them both in Chile and Argentina on flies! In Chile we were fishing Rio Serrano

    All the best

    Klaus Frimor
    Loop Tackle Design

  3. Hello Klaus, So you were in Chile on this trip. I have never heard of any large runs of King Salmon coming out of the Atlantic. But there are several runs from the Pacific side of Chile.

    When you were fishing in Argentina were you fishing river that drained in to the Atlantic?

    I think we might have met in Denver. We're you doing some casting for Loop?

  4. Hey

    Yes I did casting-demos for Loop in Denver......

    Klaus Frimor