Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Changing the Drag Direction on your Loop Reel

Being the service center for Loop Tackle Design in North America, one of the most common service questions/scenarios we run into is how to change the direction of the drag system from left to right, or right to left. While instructions are included with all reels detailing how to perform this operation, we know that watching somebody actually do it can simplify the task quite a bit. So.....if you have a Loop reel and have been wondering how switch the drag direction, or even how the Power Matrix drag works, this one's for you!!


  1. Nice "how-to", I lost all clicking action in both directions in my CLC2-6 on the last trip. Drag functions just the same, but the spool spins out and retrieves kinda odd. Any ideas? Everything still looks intact and it is a little more than a year old.

  2. On the CLW reels the clicker is external and consists of a spring loaded plastic pin that hits little plastic dimples on the interior of the reel cage as it is turned. I've seen those plastic pins break off from time to time and I imagine that is probably what happened to your reel. If you want you can send it in to us and we can fix whatever the problem might be. Here's the address:

    Loop Tackle USA Service Center
    1114 N 4th St
    Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

  3. Well, the plastic pin was not broken. The hollow metal screw that holds the pin was depressed too far down limiting the plastic pin from hitting the dimples. It must have been compressed down on the last trip, which was the first time I fully tightened the brake adjustment. When the brake is tightened it pulls the reel cage and spool together. I was able to back off the hollow metal screw and it allowed the pin to work as before.

    For those out there that do not know this, keep your LOOP reel brake knob backed off fully when not in use. It is better to deal with the loose line & leader than in it is taking the reel apart.

  4. Thanks again Jeff for the help. Got the mojo back in my reel.


  5. how do I increase the tension on the drag of my evotec lw2five. I don't mean the knob on the rear but increase the drag from min to max?

  6. I've followed both the instructions with the reel and the above movie on changing retrieve direction. When Iconverted the reel to left hand retreive the drag works both the drag is on in both directions.Any ideas?

  7. Jeff,
    Nice video!

    I need to change the retrieve on a Loop Classic 811. I do not have instructions, but I have the parts diagram. Does this reel convert by reversing the one way bearing and moving the claw (pawl) to the opposite side? Any other changes?
    Thanks for the help!