Friday, March 6, 2009

World Record Seatrout Caught & Released

Loop Army member Tim Pask recently caught and released a Seatrout that was estimated to weigh 312 pounds. Pask was overheard saying, "I saw this beast and thought it was a huge Tarpon. Nobody was more surprised then me when this HUGE fish was boated".
Caught and released.... Photo by Captain Carl Ball


  1. looks at least 400 pounds. what was the record before you destroyed it?

    IGFA rules

  2. your a dueschbag thats like a 13 inch trout

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  4. oh and to the first guy... ur fuckin retarded for thinkin there was a seatrout over 400 lbs in existance! youd know this if u got ur head out of ur ass and threw a lure out once every 10 years or so dipshit.

  5. HA! You are a fucking idiot. Its obviously a joke. Maybe not a good one, but only a fucking moron would have thought they were serious.

    Amazing how stupid some people are.

    At least I got a good laugh this evening.

    And this blog is worthless these days.