Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bangin on the Drums...

The new Loop Opti Salt 10wt is one serious stick and these bruisers were no match for it's power.

The additional fore grip on the rod was ideal for this type of down and dirty grudge match. We were really able to put the breaks on these fish with Loop's Evotec HD 9/13 reel, their Power Matrix drag system would simply not give up!

Don't believe us??? Just ask this guy


  1. Holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much do those fish weigh? You get those in your home waters, or did you do some traveling? They look HUGE....

  2. Hey Brian, If you get a chance, post a photo of the flies you use for these fish. and give us the goods on the method.. Sight fishing? How deep was the water, do these fish make long runs in to your backing. I have seen a lot of pics of reds, but these drum are a whole different league. These are Black drum right?