Monday, March 9, 2009

Field and Stream selects Loop Multi Reel.. best value

Loop Multi reels voted best value by one of the oldest outdoor magazines in the U.S.A.
......this reel the brain child of Tomas Ogren at Loop is a killer value and takes a licking in the tests
Idaho Joe


  1. I bought a Loop Multi from Idaho Joe last fall and can't believe how well constructed it is for the money. I got the large one and I am taking to the keys in may for tarpon. I'll report back

    Its good to see Loop back in the market again. I bought my first Loop reel at Bud Lilly's a LONG time ago and it is still going strong.

    the blog is great

    Andy Beck

  2. We had a couple of the Multi's up in BC for a month this past season and they were great on the double handers. They balanced the rods nicely and the drag is the same as in the other high end reels. it really is a great value reel and would work well for big game as well.

  3. I obtained a Multi 3/6 over the summer and it was christened in the Outer Banks on redfish, needlefish, and flounder. It then turned around and handled large bows and browns in colorado before tackling salmon and steelhead in the tributaries of Lake Ontario. It's a work horse fresh or salt.