Monday, March 30, 2009

Casting Lesson of the Week - The Perry Poke

This weeks casting lesson deals with one of the most versatile Doublehand Casts out there, the Perry Poke. This is a great cast to teach beginners as it emphasizes building a perfect D Loop 2 times during the cast. As mentioned in the video, it is also a great cast to employ when fishing Skagit style heads. That said, it can also be extremely effective with Scandi/Shooting head line systems as well. One component of the cast to pay close attention to is the line dump that takes place in the middle of the cast. When dumping the line, make sure and take the rod tip all the way down to the surface of the water to allow all of the line pile into the water. This has 2 purposes 1) it allows the line to anchor properly, creating a better D Loop and 2) it puts the rod tip in perfect starting position to form the second D Loop resulting in a cleaner cast.

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