Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fighting the good fight

I was looking through some images today and ran across some butt kicking fight sequences, and thought I would post a few. For those of you who don't already know, Giant Trevelly's are as tough as they come, and we spent months hunting them on the flats on Christmas Island. Amazing fish that will tear off 400 yards of backing on the first run...Ed Sadvar just trying to hold his ground. Notice the angle of the backing and will understand it when I tell you that fish was hundreds of yards away on the far side of this bay.

This is still the biggest GT I have even seen landed. I don't have a clue how much it weighed, but it would have shattered the existing world record for sure. Notice the sweat on Ed' hat and you might have an understanding of this battle.

Ed hooked this fish off the beach and then we had to chase it with a skiff. The boat actually hurt our abilty to put pressure on the fish, so he ended up getting close to shore and jumping off the boat.
You will notice Ed's shirt is completely wet. Things get a bit wild when you are landing these amazing fish, and things just go wrong, but this time we were able to tail him for a quick photo before the release.
My wife Sonya is amazing. Yes I am bragging, but I have seen her whip to many big fish to not give her the props she deserves. Kicking butt!!!
Giants are one of the coolest looking fish I have yet to see, and they are easily revived and released, which makes them a great inshore game fish. Sonya has landed her share of these great fish.

Guess I'll go shovel the show off my driveway.. Crap


  1. WOW I was on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean and didn't see thise fish. We did a study on the crabs and i wanted to fish, but I never saw this area.

  2. LOL... I have heard that before, but that is the wrong Christmas Island. This Christmas Island is straight south of HI and roughly sits on the equator. Its a flats paradise, with bonefish, trevally and a crazy good offshore fisheries.

    Idaho Joe Roope and I, built a lodge in the Island in the late 1990's and had it more or less stolen from us, but our island partner. Last I knew the lodge was not looking to good and was boarded up. Greed got the best of that opportunity. Live, Learn, Push forward, Fish more..