Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FREE Loop Magazine - Coming soon, so order yours now.

Loop Magazine

No more catalogs for Loop Tackle! It is with pride that as been assigned the duties of creating the new Loop Tackle Magazine. The new magazine will focus not only on tackle, but will cover the lifestyle and document the adventure travel that anglers go on in pursuit of their passion. We’ll be putting out the magazine twice annually.

You North American guys can order yours today by contacting the boys at the Loop USA Service Center in Idaho. (800) 410-3133 or visit them online HERE.


  1. Tim,
    Great photos!! I love how refreshing they look!

  2. Hey Blueangler, I agree, so I dug up a sneak preview of some more amazing work that Yngve Ask and Peter Huber teamed up on. The magazine is headed to the States, but should already be available in Sweden.

  3. and how about the european fishermen ? how can we get a copy ??


    The Netherlands

  4. Hello Cornelis, All the Loop retailers should be getting a good supply any day now. You might give them a ring, or you can contact the boys in Sweden via the website

    Take care and good luck

  5. Thanks! I will check them out!
    I saw your works on the midcurrent! It's equally amazing!! Great works!

  6. Yes, Marshall has done a great job of rounding up a lot of great photographers and his idea was to showcase images that were off the beaten path of most of today's publications. I think he hit the mark.

    Just boarding a plane for Patagonia, so if I find some internet access I'll post some updates from the Rio Santa Cruz and then Jurassic Lake.

  7. Tim,
    True true!! The underwater shots you got are amazingly stunning!! (Love the tail shot of patagonia catalog too!) Dream trip of the patagonia and the lake. I am looking forward to see your images. Thanks! and keep us posted!

  8. Gotta give those guys in ID a call and hunt down a copy!