Sunday, March 22, 2009

Early Season Tampa Tarpon

Opti Salt 12wt + Opti BIG = 100lb Tarpon
Early Season Tarpon fishing has been great when you can hit it right and the weather/wind are in your favor. I recently got out with a buddy and found about a dozen or so fish "laid up" and holding just under the water surface. After a few failed attempts at trying to get the fly where it needed to be (directly in front of their face) we managed to get a medium sized fish to accept the presentation with abandon. This fish freight trained about 200yards in under 30seconds all the while jumping and thrashing. The Opti Big managed to handle the strain and performed flawlessly. Once we regained the backing I was able to put the hammer down with the Opti Salt 12 and really muscle the fish towards the boat. This rod is a true performer and the extra fighting grip is a great feature for big fish fights.

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