Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Go Yellow or go home!!

To all you Loop Army members who aren’t afraid to fish their Yellow Line with pride, you’ll be very glad to know that not only is the “Yellow Series” not going away anytime soon, but its been improved for 2009.

We had a couple of the Prototype Yellow Line double handers up in BC all fall and they were a HUGE hit. In fact there was a constant fight to keep control of them, as they were the weapons of choice more often then not.

You be glad to know that the famous progressive deep action has been left intact, but with newer carbon-fiber and “Cross Weave” technology, we’ve given the series more power, more strength and gave up none of the love that we have all grown to appreciate.

Once you go Yellow, you’ll know the true meaning of Mellow.


  1. Cool...I have two of them!!

  2. Have the yellow 14' spey and a 5wt single hand...cool sticks.

  3. I have several Winston & Orvis....but I can't quit fishing my 8'8" or my 8'3" yellow bellies!!

  4. I have both the 597-3 and the amazing 9132-4.

    Hoping to get a #6 soon :)