Thursday, February 12, 2009

Looking Good = Fishing Good

Love it or hate, the Loop Opti 3L Jacket in the checked pattern is epitome of style intersecting function. It has all of the coveted features of the Opti 3L we've all come to know and love, but served with a little slice of attitude on the side! Whether it be fish, ladies or fellow anglers, this jacket will TURN SOME HEADS! Don't believe me? Check out these testimonials provided by Loop Army members from across the globe -

Claudio Martin (below left), Rio Gallegos Argentina - "Since the very first time I wore my checked Opti 3L jacket I've noticed a consistent increase in the size and numbers of fish I catch, not to mention the extra 10 meters I've added to my casts. Thanks Chrillo!!"

Maxwell Robinson (Left), Alberta Canada - "It's the jacket that bites back! Nuff said!!"

Stefan Dombaj (Right), Austria
- "Big fish, Big air, Big Pimpin'! The checked Opti 3L jacket covers all my bases."

The Loop Opti 3L jacket, comes with a "Hook-up" guarantee! For more info on this item or one of the many other gems of the Loop product line, check out

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