Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Look at the S-Car-Go

Where you find huge trout you also usually find "Fresh Water Shrimp" or what we fly guys refer to as "Scuds". There is little doubt that Scuds help pack on the weight, but whats often over looked is another source of protein that grows huge fish and that's "Snails".

Photo: One million snails along the shoreline of Jurassic Lake, Argentina.

Yes to be sure they are boring and virtually impossible to imitate (who'd want to really), but where you find loads of snails, you'll also find big trout.

Photo: A Jurassic Lake rainbow that was damn near as big around as long.

I've caught big trout and actually could hear the snails moving back and forth against themselves in the trouts belly. Creepy I know, but it goes towards looking for other sources of protein if you are a big fish hunter.

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