Monday, February 9, 2009

State of the Steelhead

The frustrating addiction

Ever have the feeling you arrived late? Yea, I suspect most of us have. But if you are a steelhead angler with the hopes of catching a wild steelhead on a swung fly, you have arrived about 30 years to late. Hey, I am not saying you won’t catch a wild steelhead on a fly, but I am saying we are losing these amazing fish a rate so rapid that there’s a damn good chance your kids won’t have the chance to catch one. Don’t believe me???

My great friend Dylan Tomine has spent the better part of his life fishing for steelhead, and has seen his home waters go from the very pinnacle greatness, to being about as worthless as tits on a bore hog. This madness has driven Dylan to become what he calls the “Reluctant Conservationist”. He has dedicated years of his time to fighting all the wrongs that have combined to absolutely destroy wild steelhead stains, from California to Alaska.

What does the future hold??? Well I’ll let Dylan tell you in his own words, so if you’ll follow this link and download the “State of the Steelhead” pdf, you can decide for yourself of we have the ability to “SAVE THESE AMAZING FISH”. Go HERE to get the download (top right side of page.)

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