Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Reel Deal

Ok I admit it, I was a reel snob and maybe I still am. But back in the mid 1990’s I was spending a lot of time chasing big saltwater species. Tuna, Tarpon, Sailfish, Marlin and of Giant Trevally. I was very opinionated about Big Game reels in those days, and regarded the closed drag systems as nothing less then junk. I fished reels with cork drags and took the extra time to clean them between uses. They worked damn good, and it seemed worth the extra
upkeep to me.

Well the times have certainly changed and so has my opinion. Oh I still spend time chasing ass kicking saltwater fish, but not I fish nothing but closed drag systems. Like a lot of things, technology catches up and some initiative guy comes along and does the impossible. Well maybe this is not what most would consider impossible, but for me it is a CRITICAL issue and I refuse to fish gear I don’t have 100% confidence in. In this case the guy who came along is Tomas Ogren, and he has totally redesigned the Loop reels from the ground up. Tomas has been with Loop for a number of years, but it took him only one year to engineer a closed drag system that will stop a freight train and NEVER seems to breakdown.

Other’s are finding out the new truth about big game reels. I have attached some photos of 2 of the premier saltwater anglers on the planet and they are convinced that these reels are ready for prime time. So if you are still a fan of cork or maybe just starting to look for a Big Game reel, be sure and take a close look at Loop’s newest and best reels they have ever produced. The simply work!!!!

Captain Rick Murphy on Tarpon - Photo: Pat Ford

Above: Captain Rick Murphy on Sailfish - Photo: Pat Ford

Flip Pallet on Redfish

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