Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Loop has always been at the forefront of fly reel design, from the first large arbor fly reel to hit the market back in 84' to their latest offerings. In this years line up Loop has taken fly reels to the next level of performance and design with their OPTI series of reels.

The Opti reels are a true work of art that combines precision build, high quality components, and a sexy design. The Opti series offers 6 different sizes from the Opti Big (#12) that can stop a freight train to the Opti Creek (#2-5) capable of handling the finest of leaders.

Opti features:
-Incredibly smooth and durable Power Matrix drag system
-Innovative V-shaped spool design
-Easy-grip progressive brake dial adjustment
-Machined from one piece high quality aircraft aluminum
-Stainless steel and anodized aluminum components
-Waterproof and saltwater tolerant

The Opti Speedrunner has an inset handle and an extra large diameter for incredibly fast line pickup. An innovative V-shaped spool helps to keep backing centered while reeling.

The Opti Megaloop and Big offer dual braking plates with a heavy duty design capable of tackling anything that swims in the ocean.

These are bad ass fish fighting machines!


  1. My first trip for Tarpon with the Mega Loop and the Opti Big. They are amazing.. We been fishing 10 weights and basically fighting them with off the reels. Several fish over 100 pounds have been boated in less then 30 minutes.

    Plus they pick up line incredibly fast..

    As Brian says they are some "Bad Ass" reels.

  2. Nice Tim! Any word on the performance of the OPTi Salt rods?b

  3. We are fishing the new Opti Salt 10 and 12 weight. My wife (kick ass, id you didn't know) has been fishing the 10 weight. She has landed several fish in the 100 pound mark and one huge fish that we are estimating at 150 (wild guess after taping several fish), and the rod is still ripping. We have had a lot of wind, and the rods are performing great.. I have not seen the 8 weight yet, but Brian Jill has been fishing one for a while now and loves it. We have just finished finished the day.. Flight back to Idaho tomorrow morning after jumping well over 50 tarpon. Just doesn't get much better.......

  4. Tim, Man aren't those Opti Salt rods Sweeeeet! The 8wt is a great med/fast rod, very responsive, really a fun rod to cast...