Monday, February 23, 2009

loop tools....loop vest/backpack

The Loop Backpack has been one of the most important tools of the loop army for some time is built hell for stout ....take a beating keeps on ticking.....two main compartments draw cords with mesh..allows access from top and bottom....rod straps for carrying spare rods.... ykk zippers to hold it together.....whether hiking up to a place called "nowhere" to carrying on my lap top on to the next flight ....I would be lost without mine

Vest features include:

4 large Velcro bellows pockets.
4 smaller zippered pockets.
3 inner mesh pockets.
Integrated retractor.
Waterproof pocket for mobile telephone, wallet or car keys.

Backpack features include:

Large divided compartment with dual access.
2 large inner mesh pockets.
Camelback-type water blivet pocket.
Large outer pocket.
2 easy access mesh pockets.
Rod tube carrier.
3 outer D-rings.
available at the loop service center 199.00
call me today at18004103133


  1. Totally agree! Can't fish without my vest+backpack...

    Norway - atna :

  2. i have always wondered if the vest can be detached from the backpack, is this the case?

  3. Yes... it can be detached..very very easy.

  4. Does anybody knows where I can buy this "backpackvest" in Europe???