Friday, February 6, 2009

Got reels?????

I have often struggled with reel designs. I love the old reels that make loads of noise and I even appreciate the out of balance feel when big fish are making long runs. But what I don’t have any patience for, are reels that fall apart. You know the ones where something flies off half way through a fight and your franticly feeling around, only to find it was the handle, or a piece of the drag. I even had the reel seat fall off once, and I’ll tell that things got a bit hectic in the seconds that followed.

A few years ago Loop Tackle introduced the Classic reel. It has the look and even the feel of the older reels, but the internals are as modern as they come. In other words you could tarpon fish with your Classic, if you didn’t mind the short retrieval rate, and an S-Handle that will remove fingernails in the blink of an eye. But I don’t Tarpon fish with my Classic’s, as the Loop Opti MegaLoop and Opti Big, are designed for this game.

But I love the thought of being able to match my double handed rods with a Classic reel when I am swinging flies for steelhead. I dig the loud click and like knowing it will be in one piece after the fight. These days I find myself carrying rods equipped with Classic’s, Opti’s and Evotec’s, and I take solace in knowing that the drag system in each of them is built to stop a runaway train.

So whether you are fascinated with the older style reels or you want the latest that technology can bring, Loop Tackle does a nice job of covering all the bases.

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