Saturday, February 28, 2009

Loop Opti Salt “It’s Here!!!”

Sonya and I just returned from some amazing Tarpon fishing and got the chance to fish both the Loop Opti Salt 10 and 12 weight rods. Both rods have the new “X-Grip” on them and I can assure you they are both amazing fish fighting tools, as we landed most of our tarpon in less then 30 minutes.

Of course we also had the Loop Opti Megaloop and Opti Big reels and I have never been more impressed with a big game reel in my life.

We jumped somewhere around 50 tarpon (amazing by any standards), kept the drags tight and our hands far back on the rod handles and just worked them hard. I was amazed how fast we landed these fish.

I think people are going to be very impressed with the new Opti Salt series...


  1. Nice Fish! Makes me want to go tarpon fishing!

  2. Fabulous photos! makes me want to go tarpon fishing!

  3. I got to fish an Opti Big when I was in Costa Rica and loved it. I hope to have one before my tarpon trip in May.

    I had no idea that Loop was building a saltwater rod. Where can I see one?

    Bill Post

  4. Hey Bill, I tried your email but it failed. Please contact Joe Roope at Castaway Fly Fishing Shop 800 410 3133 or email him at

  5. Same fly color combination i have used for years. works great, but i tie them smaller. 1/0 - 2/0 for the migrating fish, gerat pics

  6. take me to my.....ami
    does anybody know where i can get a casting platform for my cigarette boat
    crockett and tubbs

  7. nice tarpon. looks like its as big as the dude trying to grab it. so unless he is a tiny tot that must be over 100 pounds. I can only dream of tarpon while i shovel my drive. not even any trout fishing these days

  8. We landed several fish over 100 pounds, but I can't remember how big this fish was. Always hard to tell when you are looking from a distance and there are bodies laying around. LOL But it was pretty damn big....