Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shot Gun Bang! Bang!

"Shotgunning on the Tundra"...Yngve Ask and Joe Roope
Tim Pask photo http://scanout.com/
Loop Army has had a long tradition of finely refined skill sets ...we will be posting a number of these in the year to come ....the first one in the series is shotgunning a beer....weather a celibration of a big fish landed or applying numbness of a big fish lost...from the tundra on the kola penisula of russia to the korean wreck of christmas island.... this strange skill has become a part of the loop army culture.....i have included a few fine link to help you understand.... feel free to comment or share your shot gunning stories .....check this link out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shotgunning
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  1. Now you say Loop Army culture, it reminds of the celebrations after a good day at the tackle-show in Denver Colorado.
    Of course a celebration must include "shotgunning" and since a couple of new recruits to the Loop Army had to be babtised, in the Army-way, we all went to "Coyote Ugly" bar (wonder why btw. ??) Well, after we'd been allowed by one doorman to shotgun a beer, another big fellow shoved up just as we finished the second one, and asked us to leave the bar..... Joe I "hate" you, maybe you didn't see it, but there was half-naked women dancing on the bar ?????????????? :-)

    Klaus Frimor
    Loop Tackle Design