Friday, February 13, 2009

Loop Army Dogs.

Tim did a shout out on face book the other day to get you guys to send me pictures of the loop army dogs...the support crew for the army....always happy to see you the dog is a long honored tradition among many loop army members....time has come to for you to send me photos as well as BIOS on the loop army dogs... jarred McFarland sent the below bio on a senior member of the army

Profile: Kona Killer

Alias: Brown Dog, Killer, Kona the fish Slayer

Years experience: 10.5

Number of kills: 75 fresh water game fish

Specialties: Underwater maneuvering, endurance swimming, stealth attack patterns, sun fish, bass, perch.

Notes: Has years of experience being submerged with Charlie in the war on Spirit Lake. Has ability to swim for days at a time. People have noted that he has slowed with old age but reports show otherwise. Recently wounded in battle with a torn ACL. He will resume service in May ’09
please send me the photo's facts and lies and any funny stories to
we will be following up with some great post
idaho joe

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