Saturday, February 28, 2009

Loop Opti Salt “It’s Here!!!”

Sonya and I just returned from some amazing Tarpon fishing and got the chance to fish both the Loop Opti Salt 10 and 12 weight rods. Both rods have the new “X-Grip” on them and I can assure you they are both amazing fish fighting tools, as we landed most of our tarpon in less then 30 minutes.

Of course we also had the Loop Opti Megaloop and Opti Big reels and I have never been more impressed with a big game reel in my life.

We jumped somewhere around 50 tarpon (amazing by any standards), kept the drags tight and our hands far back on the rod handles and just worked them hard. I was amazed how fast we landed these fish.

I think people are going to be very impressed with the new Opti Salt series...


For more than two decades, Turneffe Flats has been known as one of the world's top flats fishing resorts combining a remarkable fishery with excellent English-speaking guides, top-notch equipment and superior service.

Bonefish have been the primary target of Turneffe Flats' anglers for more then 20 years. While wading the expansive flats on the seaward side of Turneffe, you will regularly see large schools of bonefish providing an unequaled opportunity for new saltwater anglers to learn the basics of the sport.

For the past decade, increasing numbers of saltwater anglers have developed a serious interest in the elusive permit. Turneffe Flats is one of a select group of saltwater destinations where you can experience the excitement of flats fishing for tailing permit with a reasonable opportunity to catch one. The permit fishing at Turneffe Flats is consistently available throughout the year.

Because tarpon are migratory, they are somewhat seasonal. Although some tarpon are around throughout the year, the prime season generally begins in April and continues to mid October. June, July and August are usually the best months for tarpon fishing. Most of their migratory tarpon are in the 70-90 pound range, and they see a few 150-200 pound monsters each year.

Turneffe Flats also offers non-anglers world class scuba diving and an Atoll Adventure program that highlights the biodiversity of the ecosystem through an educational, fun and fully guided marine eco-tours.

Dates: May 9-16, 2009

Price: $4,115.11/person

Group Leader: Tim Pask 

Date: Oct 10-17, 2009

Price: $3,549.07/person

Group Leader: TBD 


Other Information:

Included in Fishing Package:

• Fully guided daily fishing - two anglers per boat and one guide

• All land and sea transfers on scheduled transfer days

• Three substantial meals per day and pre-dinner hors d'oeuvres

• AIR CONDITIONED, double occupancy lodging

Not included in this package:

• Bar tab

• Fly shop and gift shop purchases

• Gratuities

• Fishing equipment rentals

Turneffe Flats Website:

Preview Turneffe Flats DVD:

To request a free copy of Turneffe Flats full-length DVD contact:

Thursday, February 26, 2009

salmon and steelhead journal

One of Loop Army Special Ops Boys... Gabe McMasters ... Gave me this
months Salmon and Steelhead Journal .......that had one of his photo essays on a Loop Army Trip
He did last summer....... enjoy
Idaho Joe

Just a Reminder........

Not to beat a dead horse, but seriously, at $199 the AEG series of rods are probably the best value on a fly rod from any manufacturer today! They're almost gone.........

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

animated knot....brilliant

OK this is the coolest

better click on the picture above follow the link

for teaching never been better

what will they think up next....remote controlled electricity..hmmmm

dry fly gin....

The Boys from dry fly are putting out some great hooch......they are upstanding members of the loop army ......distilled in Spokane Washington this product is top shelf ....not your Russian guides potato juice...oh and they are fishing junkies as well
had the occasion to sample their wares .....smooth..
Idaho Joe

Our Friends at bistro on spruce loop army members in good standing ....along with our Friends at New Belgian Beer are teaming up for a evening of fine beers and food ....give them a call to partake in the festivities
Idaho Joe


Loop has always been at the forefront of fly reel design, from the first large arbor fly reel to hit the market back in 84' to their latest offerings. In this years line up Loop has taken fly reels to the next level of performance and design with their OPTI series of reels.

The Opti reels are a true work of art that combines precision build, high quality components, and a sexy design. The Opti series offers 6 different sizes from the Opti Big (#12) that can stop a freight train to the Opti Creek (#2-5) capable of handling the finest of leaders.

Opti features:
-Incredibly smooth and durable Power Matrix drag system
-Innovative V-shaped spool design
-Easy-grip progressive brake dial adjustment
-Machined from one piece high quality aircraft aluminum
-Stainless steel and anodized aluminum components
-Waterproof and saltwater tolerant

The Opti Speedrunner has an inset handle and an extra large diameter for incredibly fast line pickup. An innovative V-shaped spool helps to keep backing centered while reeling.

The Opti Megaloop and Big offer dual braking plates with a heavy duty design capable of tackling anything that swims in the ocean.

These are bad ass fish fighting machines!

Monday, February 23, 2009

loop tools....loop vest/backpack

The Loop Backpack has been one of the most important tools of the loop army for some time is built hell for stout ....take a beating keeps on ticking.....two main compartments draw cords with mesh..allows access from top and bottom....rod straps for carrying spare rods.... ykk zippers to hold it together.....whether hiking up to a place called "nowhere" to carrying on my lap top on to the next flight ....I would be lost without mine

Vest features include:

4 large Velcro bellows pockets.
4 smaller zippered pockets.
3 inner mesh pockets.
Integrated retractor.
Waterproof pocket for mobile telephone, wallet or car keys.

Backpack features include:

Large divided compartment with dual access.
2 large inner mesh pockets.
Camelback-type water blivet pocket.
Large outer pocket.
2 easy access mesh pockets.
Rod tube carrier.
3 outer D-rings.
available at the loop service center 199.00
call me today at18004103133

Saturday, February 21, 2009

ELMER FUDD VS ALASKAN STEELHEAD: Is This Duck Hunting for Daffy Or Stalking Alaskan Steelhead?

At first glance, these photos seem to have more in common with the duck blind than any form of piscatorial pursuit.

Note the atmosphere of stealth and Elmer Fudd head gear.

However, noting the clarity of the water and the wary nature of the quarry-- not Daffy but Steelie-- this unorthodox effort is rewarded with a Rainforest Steelhead.

Go Loop Army!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Don Chrillo's Fishing Report from Las Buitreras

This video is a fishing report from the man himself, Christer Sjoberg. While the report is certainly entertaining, it is also 2 years old! That said, we did get an actual report from Chrillo yesterday-

"Small report from a river full of big fish! Tomas had 5 today 7-10 kilo. Janne 5 today, biggest 7.5 kilo. Jussi 4 today, biggest 8 kilo, to mention just a few! Water extreme high and cold, still very good fishing, now we wait for river to drop slowly."

Swenglish aside, fishing is excellent! Better start packin' yer bags..........

Our kind of Dog!!! Intensity, Focus, Beauty, and Hairy

Rod Vanderlinde and George hanging on the Skagit River in BC. Rod's weapon of choice? Loop Blue 3 wt.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

On Sale Now! Damn near 1/2 price. Now $199.00

If you are looking for a really nice 5 or 6 weight rod, then you need to take a hard look at this deal. Loop Tackle built these rods based on the specs of the Loop GreyLine series, and they kick ass.

The best fly rod you will find for under $200.00. In fact I'd say it could be the best fly rod you will find under $400.00.

Loop AEG Trout Bum Series 696-4, 9' 6", 6 weight, 4 piece $199.00

Loop AEG Trout Bum Series 590-3, 9', 5 weight, 3 piece $199.00

Call Jeff Wilson or Joe Roope at Castaway Fly Shop 1 (800) 410-3133
Or visit there website HERE

Loop Bows

A beautiful Alaskan Rainbow feel prey to the "Swing". Guide K8 Taylor fishes a lot of the bigger rivers of Alaska, as if she is swinging for Steelhead. It Works!! Loop Evotech and Multi Double Hander.

Check out K8 and her Angels HERE.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Loop Army Dogs in Action (or just laying around)

Guide Joe Willauer's fishing partner Madi gives this Brown Trout the full inspection. No fish, clients or guides where harmed during the inspection process.

Ruby catching a few rays while the client is shucking and ducking. Hanging with Fishing Guides doesn't suck if your the dog running the pack. Looks like Ruby runs the show to us.
Photo submissions: Joe Willauer

The Underhand Cast; A Thing of Beauty

If soccer is considered around the world to be the "Beautiful Game", then I would have to lobby for the Underhand Cast to be the "Beautiful Cast." From the light kiss of the leader on the water to the razor sharp loop slicing it's way outward, this cast is perfection in motion!

Be sure to watch the video above of Loop Army member and good friend Claudio Martin Nicastro, one of the world's premier Underhand Casters, Bellisimo!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Reel Deal

Ok I admit it, I was a reel snob and maybe I still am. But back in the mid 1990’s I was spending a lot of time chasing big saltwater species. Tuna, Tarpon, Sailfish, Marlin and of Giant Trevally. I was very opinionated about Big Game reels in those days, and regarded the closed drag systems as nothing less then junk. I fished reels with cork drags and took the extra time to clean them between uses. They worked damn good, and it seemed worth the extra
upkeep to me.

Well the times have certainly changed and so has my opinion. Oh I still spend time chasing ass kicking saltwater fish, but not I fish nothing but closed drag systems. Like a lot of things, technology catches up and some initiative guy comes along and does the impossible. Well maybe this is not what most would consider impossible, but for me it is a CRITICAL issue and I refuse to fish gear I don’t have 100% confidence in. In this case the guy who came along is Tomas Ogren, and he has totally redesigned the Loop reels from the ground up. Tomas has been with Loop for a number of years, but it took him only one year to engineer a closed drag system that will stop a freight train and NEVER seems to breakdown.

Other’s are finding out the new truth about big game reels. I have attached some photos of 2 of the premier saltwater anglers on the planet and they are convinced that these reels are ready for prime time. So if you are still a fan of cork or maybe just starting to look for a Big Game reel, be sure and take a close look at Loop’s newest and best reels they have ever produced. The simply work!!!!

Captain Rick Murphy on Tarpon - Photo: Pat Ford

Above: Captain Rick Murphy on Sailfish - Photo: Pat Ford

Flip Pallet on Redfish

Big Black Choss, Loop Army Dog Extrodenaire

Here we go with another Loop Army Dog profile. This big black pup belongs to Loop Army member Jeff Wilson, and can be found holding down the fort at Castaway Fly Shop 6 days a week!

Profile Name: Choss Dogg

Alias: Chosky, Chomper, El Chossalito, Big Black

Years Experience: 5

Number of Kills: Only 6 recorded as his strong suit is in intelligence and scouting

Specialties: Drift boat navigation, Fish spotting and long distance retrieving

Notes: While Choss maintains that drift boat fishing is where he is at his best, he has proven himself worthy as a spot-n-stalk weapon over the past year. This has led him to honing his actual fish catching skills, as he has now perfected the art of catching spawning Kokanee Salmon during the Autumn months. He has also apparently been watching a fair amount of National Geographic Channel programming on Brown Bears, demonstrated byhis preference of eating only the nutrient rich egg sack and brains of the Kokanee he catches!


Loop Fly-Fishing School

Castaway, Loop and The Coeur d'Alene Resort have teamed up to offer the ultimate comprehensive two-day fly-fishing courses, compete with the lakefront luxury accommodations of The Coeur d'Alene Resort.

Learn from some of the most experienced Loop certified fishing instructors in the Northwest. Loop, manufacturers of the world's best fly-fishing equipment, has created easy to learn, fun and informative curriculums for fly-fishing enthusiasts of all skill levels.

The Coeur d'Alene area boasts some of the West's most pristine and untouched fly-fishing streams and rivers. Outdoor activities are a lifestyle here; backing up to federal forest land to the West, the wilderness area surrounding Coeur d'Alene provides an endless supply of recreational opportunities. The Loop school is a fantastic primer for the novice or a professional grade tool for the intermediate to advanced angler ready to progress to the next level. We have the tools you need. Loop's fly-fishing instructors have intensive training to assure you'll learn the hottest new tips and guidance to land that fish you'll never forget.

Castaway is a full service fly-fishing shop in town that offers world class guiding to some of the best known areas where the bites just keep coming.

Two-Day Fly-Fishing Instructional Course

  • Fly casting from a Loop Certified casting instructor
  • How to select the proper fly-fishing equipment
  • Fly pattern selection and insect identification
  • Knot tying
  • How to read and fish different types of water
  • Proper fish handling and release

Refine your angling skills from the best in the business in some of the most serene country in the world. Reservations for 2009 are available to book now on any of the following school dates:

March 7-8 March 14-15 March 21-22 March 28-29
April 4-5 April 11-12 April 18-19 April 25-26
April 30 - May 1 May 2-3 May 7-8 May 9-10
May 14-15 May 16-17 May 21-22 Ma7 22-23
May 28-29 May 30-31 June 2-3 June 4-5
June 6-7 June 9-10 June 11-12 June 13-14
June 16-17 June 18-19 June 20-21 June 23-24
June 25-26 June 27-28 June 29-30 July 2-3
July 4-5 July 7-8 July 9-10 July 11-12
July 14-15 July 16-17 July 18-19 July 21-22
July 23-24 July 25-26 July 28-29 July 30-31
August 1-2 August 4-5 August 6-7 August 8-9
August 11-12 August 13-14 August 15-16 August 18-19
August 20-21 August 22-23 August 25-26 August 27-28
August 29-30 September 4-5 September 5-6 September 11-12
September 12-13 September 18-19 September 19-20 September 25-26
September 26-27 October 3-4 October 10-11 October 17-18

For more information on our custom Loop Fly-Fishing accommodation packages, contact our reservation specialists at 1-800-688-5253.

Ask us about combining Rounds of Golf and/or Spa Treatments with your Fly-Fishing activities!

Reservation dates are based on availability.